Data security and Valet Data Platform

Great athletes, performers and public speakers are known to practice in adverse conditions. They practice in environments and circumstances that are more challenging than a real performance. Athletes practice with weights that are heavier than a real opponent, performers practice with instruments that are harder to play than their on-stage instruments.

Custom Interface Company has taken a similar approach to data security with Valet Data Platform.

Prepared for PII, PIFI and PHI

Valet solutions are designed to be PCI and HIPAA ready – even though most of our clients do not require this level of security. Each Valet solution lives in its own data silo or in some cases, on its own virtual or physical server.

If your HR, Payroll and Operations teams are managing sensitive data outside of your enterprise HCM system, Valet Data Platform can provide a more secure solution for sharing data between departments in comparison to email or other file sharing methods. By integrating system modules, your team can spend less time moving data back and forth and more time focusing on critical workflows and accuracy.

Industry-Leading Authentication

Valet Data Platform offers Two Factor Authentication or Multi-factor authentication as an option for solutions that require a high degree of security:

  • Solutions that process sensitive employee data such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Personally Identifiable Financial Information (PIFI)
  • Solutions that can potentially alter HRIS or HCM system data, such as enterprise employee data integration
  • Solutions that can impact payroll amounts, rates or benefit contributions

Multi-factor authentication provides an extra layer of security to ensure that only specific users are able to access and process a given solution.

CIC Solutions for HCM Partners

CIC helps HCM vendors manage accounts with advanced compliance needs. Team up with CIC to expand your support for challenging industries, ERP or CRM systems.

  • Visit the HCM TradeSeal website to learn more about union and prevailing wage payroll processing.
  • Browse the CIC Catalog to learn more about one-way and two-way HCM integrations.

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