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CIC Client Customization

Offer fully supported, per-client customization of your HCM system – at a much lower cost than fully custom software development.

How customization helps our HCM partners

Whether during the presales process, during implementation, or over the course of a long term client relationship – discerning HCM clients encounter new needs as their businesses grow and evolve. While HCM technology naturally grows to fit its users, some clients encounter needs that fall outside the typical capabilities of an HCM system.

Simply put, client customization can turn a “no” into a “yes.” For top HCM sales and account representatives who want to go beyond basic spreadsheet workarounds to take their clients further, CIC client customization is a cost-effective option to help clients create truly unique end user experiences. And unlike fully custom software development, CIC client customization is based on pre-made components designed to work seamlessly with HCM systems.

Custom software development vs CIC client customization

Many clients are concerned that “custom” development will be expensive, unpredictable and time consuming. Thanks to CIC’s proven, streamlined approach to client customization, most solutions can be developed at a fraction of the cost of true custom software development. Powered by Valet Data Platform, CIC’s “custom” solutions take advantage of many pre-built components that are designed to work seamlessly with modern HCM systems.

Custom developmentCIC client customization
Entire solution must be built from the ground up90% of solution can take advantage of CIC’s pre-built tools within Valet Data Platform
May have difficulty integrating with the unique requirements of HCM systemsCIC specializes in HCM system integration
Can cost over $100k to develop a single applicationDevelopment costs start at just $15,000
Requires careful planning for secure hosting requirementsFully hosted using CIC’s secure technology
May require ongoing management from clientFully managed by CIC

CIC’s Client Customization Process

1. Discovery / demo

CIC leads an interactive new client discovery call, which includes a demonstration of CIC’s Valet Platform technology. Valet allows CIC to expedite custom projects by applying pre-built technology.

2. Solution setup

Within days of a new client starting with CIC, we are able to create a client instance and end user experience, allowing clients to log in, use solutions as they are being developed, and provide feedback early.

3. Last-mile customization

CIC works with clients to develop only the truly unique parts of their solution. This is the “custom development” part of our process, which allows us to meet precise client requirements.

4. End user testing

CIC solutions are built quickly and collaboratively, with multiple opportunities for our clients to access solutions and provide feedback. After functionality is developed, testing is performed to ensure solution accuracy.

5. Ongoing support

CIC provides high quality, ongoing support to all of our clients. Our support process is designed to provide rapid responses and timely resolutions, even when solutions are highly customized.