CIC Vendor Lock

CIC puts partners first with Vendor Lock – our policy of staying true to the partner who brings us in first.

How Vendor Lock Works

CIC is becoming HCM TradeSeal – a company dedicated to making Construction payroll as simple as possible.
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1. First contact

When partners contact CIC using our partner form, we record the account name and also the name of the partner/vendor company for up to 90 days.

2. Deal exclusivity

As soon as CIC is successfully engaged in a client-facing conversation with the account, we partner exclusively with the HCM vendor who hosted the conversation.

3. Partner branding

During client-facing conversations and CIC demonstrations, we brand our technology to match partner design requirements and create a seamless end user experience.

4. Joint pricing

After client-facing conversations are complete, we provide partners with pricing and work to coordinate joint proposals that are easy for prospects to understand.

It’s your deal

Gaining a competitive edge is everything in HCM technology sales – that’s why CIC offers deal exclusivity to partners who request us as a differentiating factor.

“I plan to use CIC again, and I’d highly recommend other [reps] to seriously consider CIC.”

– Matt A., HCM Sales Representative

Deal exclusivity is the most important part of CIC’s Vendor Lock policy: the first partner rep to contact and successfully engage CIC on a given opportunity gains CIC’s complete partnership for that opportunity.

CIC puts partners first

At CIC, we understand that our solutions are often a major differentiating factor in the HCM presales process. We put our partners first by ensuring prospective clients can access CIC through only one HCM vendor at a time.

“I simply couldn’t have closed this deal without CIC. They took the union complexity and made it simple for the client to process payroll and generate the required reports.”

– Mike D., HCM Sales Representative

Partner with CIC today to ensure the highest level of integrity and expertise for your deal. Bringing in CIC early creates a competitive edge for accounts with advanced integration needs.