CIC is becoming HCM TradeSeal – a company dedicated to making Construction payroll as simple as possible.
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CIC HCM partner overview

CIC Simplifies Construction for HCM Vendors

CIC has created a Construction-industry Sales Playbook to help partners manage a recent increase in Construction’s HCM buying trends.

Welcome to CIC

Custom Interface Company (CIC) is a preferred HCM integration partner. Founded in 2020, the mission of CIC is to help our partners “create confidence in compliance” by discovering, innovating and refining streamlined solutions to their most difficult HCM integration challenges.

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Our commitment to HCM partners

Team up with CIC to support your prospective client, active implementation or existing client – it’s like working with a highly collaborative, specialized part of your internal team. CIC offers vendor lock to give our partners a competitive edge, and a complete catalog of fixed-cost solutions that fit perfectly with standard HCM pricing models.

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HCM Partner News

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Fixed-cost solutions for HCM

Browse the CIC Catalog to see our complete collection of streamlined, fixed-cost solutions that fit with standard HCM pricing.

  • CIC Catalog listings can be shared with prospective clients to ensure their confidence in extending your HCM system to meet their needs.
  • Simplify the presales process with CIC’s standard pricing – prospects can quickly decide if CIC integrations are a good fit for their organization.

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Client customization for HCM

Need to deal with per-client customization? CIC hourly consulting and custom integration services offer flexibility and accuracy, plus reliable managed services plans to ensure solutions are fully supported on an ongoing basis.

  • CIC can scope and quote custom solutions within 48 hours, using an efficient discovery process
  • Custom solutions offer the same reliable support as our popular fixed-cost solutions, plus the advantage of true customization built by experienced compliance software developers
  • Custom solutions are quoted as an hours estimate plus monthly managed services fee, and can be positioned as part of your HCM solution quote

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