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CIC’s core platform is the definitive solution for supporting construction and contractor groups with complex payroll and reporting requirements

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Payroll integration - Valet payroll interface

Valet payroll interface

Solve all calculations in one click

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Payroll integration - Valet employee data interface

Valet employee interface

Automatically merge employee data across systems

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Payroll integration - Valet instant reporting

Valet instant reporting

Access industry-specific payroll and costing reports

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Payroll integration - custom interfaces

Custom interfaces

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Valet helps business adapt to changing regulations and best practices.

Reducing data exposure

Customizing the cloud

When you process payroll in the cloud, inaccurate data is not an option – yet, modern systems are difficult to customize without advanced connectivity.

Custom Interface Company believes cloud should adapt to your business, not the other way around. That’s why we created Valet Data Platform, a revolutionary payroll integration tool designed with accuracy and security in mind.

Is your cloud customized? Learn how to measure the way your systems work together and identify risks that can cause missing or inaccurate data.

For HCM Vendors

Protect your clients and engage the world’s best companies. Use Valet to extend your cloud payroll capabilities.

With Valet Data Platform, major payroll vendor platforms can be extended to support prevailing wage, certified payroll, ERP integration, manufacturing and healthcare industry reporting, and complex budgeting for public sector clients.

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