How do HR teams know when integration is needed?

If you work on an enterprise HR or Payroll team, you probably have come up with several ideas for integrations, automations or new HCM features you would want. But you may also ask yourself, “when do I need integration?”

The following HR work patterns are signs that you may have a clear, financially valid case for needing integration.

1. Number crunching: if your HR and Payroll workflows involve downloading several files, calculating by hand, rearranging items in a spreadsheet, uploading or triple-checking rates – you might be able to use integration to significantly reduce the amount of work you need to do “by hand.”

2. Re-entering: if you are taking data out of “system A” and typing it into “system B,” and then also occasionally entering it into “system C” for good measure, integration can change your workflow to a single button push instead. In some cases, integration can even create fully automatic data transfers – no buttons need to be pressed at all.

3. Emailing: if your HR team (and other departments) are emailing a multiple spreadsheets, files or employee documents to get things done, you could be introducing unnecessary data security risks within your organization. Consider integrating between modules instead, using API connectors or SFTP. Integrating these parts of your system is more reliable than emailing these types of files (even if it’s internal emails), and reduces the chance of an accidental data breach or email security issue.

4. Looking things up: if you need to switch between several files (or even several computers) to look up information, integration can save your HR team many hours by automatically reading different data sets for you.

5. Being stuck: if you and your HR teammates forget what you were working on because you have so many files and browser tabs open, integration could be a game-changer that simplifies your office life.

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