CIC Standardizes 2022 Partner Pricing

The saying “time kills all deals” applies to HCM just as much as any other industry. Starting in 2022, CIC is changing the game for HCM vendors by offering standard pricing for HCM TradeSeal, plus several connector solutions to systems like Salesforce, Sage 300 and BambooHR.

Standard HCM TradeSeal Pricing

CIC’s popular HCM TradeSeal solution has changed the way HCM vendors interact with construction and contractor groups. Conversations that once took months or years have been consolidated to simple 30-60 minute product demonstrations.

For HCM TradeSeal, standard pricing is another step towards presales simplicity and customer delight – even highly complex accounts requiring prevailing wage calculations, union fringe benefits and Certified Payroll reporting feel relieved to discover that HCM TradeSeal comes with clear, standard pricing to fit with any HCM pricing quote.

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Standard Connector Pricing

Too often, HCM deals come grinding to a halt when prospects mention a particular ERP, CRM or other non-HCM system as a “must have.” Sometimes, it seems like a prospect will be unable to move forward unless their non-HCM technology can be fully integrated, even when the HCM system seems like a perfect fit for their business.

CIC’s standard pricing for connector solutions takes the pain out of presales conversations about non-HCM systems. During the presales process, it’s easy to share connector listings from the CIC catalog with prospects, to increase their confidence in integration between systems.

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Standard Vendor Pricing

Part of CIC’s commitment to HCM vendor partners includes vendor lock, to ensure deal integrity. CIC now lists partner pricing by vendor, adding increased confidence and commitment during the presales cycle.

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The CIC Catalog helps HCM partners simplify the presales process with standard pricing.

For busy HCM sales professionals who need to create confidence and simplify presales processes, CIC’s standard pricing will be a “game changer” in 2022. Partner with CIC to enjoy a smoother presales process for your accounts.

CIC Solutions for HCM Partners

CIC helps HCM vendors manage accounts with advanced compliance needs. Team up with CIC to expand your support for challenging industries, ERP or CRM systems.

  • Visit the HCM TradeSeal website to learn more about union and prevailing wage payroll processing.
  • Browse the CIC Catalog to learn more about one-way and two-way HCM integrations.

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