HCM TradeSeal Connector for HCM SystemsHCM TradeSeal Connector for HCM Systems

HCM TradeSeal


Calculate Prevailing Wage and Union rates easily with TradeSeal (Fundamentals.) Whether your business is managing multiple jobs, individualized employee rates, union fringe benefits or “all of the above,” TradeSeal (Fundamentals) will save hours of time spent double-checking, triple-checking and editing spreadsheets.

TradeSeal ensures complete accuracy of your contractor payroll process:

  • Daily cost entry is easy with TradeSeal – enter hours and costs in minutes, not hours.
  • Rate management for prevailing wage jobs, union wage rules, shift differentials and more comes standard with TradeSeal.
  • Certified payroll reports can be generated automatically with TradeSeal, in a matter of seconds.
    Generate unlimited reports with no hidden fees.

TradeSeal is compatible with major payroll vendor systems:

Data Flow:

This solution uses Valet Data Platform to transfer data securely between systems.

Speak with an Interface Consultant to understand how this solution connects to your preferred system.

Functional Overview - HCM TradeSeal

This Valet solution connects data between HCM TradeSeal and your preferred system. End users access the connector by logging into Valet Data Platform. Valet processes, formats and transforms HCM TradeSeal data for compatibility with your preferred system.
ImportEnd user initiates secure data read from source system.
Data ProcessingInterface program processes and formats data to meet destination system requirements.
ExportInterface program generates data for export.

Included in Purchase

An interface program will be designed and developed to connect your systems.
  • Interface Design: based on sample data you provide, you will receive a detailed design plan complete with field names and user experience notes. Design service includes a minimum of one screen share appointment to review data requirements, and optional additional virtual appointments to review data requirements and design specifications.
  • Managed Services: your program will be developed, hosted and maintained using Valet Data Platform secure cloud integration technology - trusted by major HCM vendors. Managed services include software configuration and development to achieve design plan objectives, functional testing, secure cloud hosting and integration management, solution uptime monitoring, error logging and reporting, email and phone support according to your plan's Service Level Agreement (SLA.)

Requirements for Implementation

Valet Data Platform can be configured and implemented regardless of your current payroll vendor implementation status. Time required to design and build Valet varies depending on the systems you need to connect and/or requests for advanced processing capabilities.
Average time to design10 business days
Average time to build20 business days
Average time to test and deployVaries by use case. Deliverables tested and released based on end user feedback and approval, and in accordance to your plan's Service Level Agreement (SLA.)