How the payroll-suite is approaching efficiency

In the face of a global pandemic – the enterprise payroll-suite, which includes payroll, HR and finance teams has become central to conversations about efficiency. Departments are being asked to do more with less, to accomplish critical objectives without the need for lengthy manual processes.

Executives are bringing in the payroll-suite to identify five major drivers of HR and Payroll workflow efficiency. With new interest in cost reduction, top executives are listening to payroll stakeholders to invest in addressing these common obstacles through process improvement, automation or integration.

1. Manual number crunching: enterprise HR and Payroll teams should not download multiple files, calculate by hand, rearrange spreadsheet items, upload or triple-check rates. Modern organizations will invest in automation to address excessive number crunching.

2. Re-entering HR or payroll information: if payroll-suite stakeholders must commonly move data out of “system A,” and manually click or type the information into “system B,” additional inefficiency and risk can be introduced into common HR and payroll workflows. In order to reduce operating costs, many organizations will purchase integration solutions to minimize double-entry.

3. Use of email for interfacing issues: payroll-suite stakeholders are being asked to reduce data security risks within their organizations. Budgets are being approved to integrate between enterprise modules using API connectors or SFTP protocol. Automating HR and payroll interfacing reduces the chance of an accidental data breach or email security issue.

4. Manual search between multiple repositories: when payroll-suite data sets are not centralized, individual HR, payroll and financial stakeholders must search between multiple spreadsheets or databases to obtain critical information or generate needed reports. Enterprises are now investing in initiatives to reduce the number of independent or unlinked data sets.

5. Task switching: when payroll-suite stakeholders are forced to navigate between multiple user interfaces, or participate in dated user experience flows as part of their daily routine, some tasks are left unfinished, or take additional hours to complete. Many enterprises are prepared to invest in the ongoing cost-reduction advantages of eliminating dated user experience from payroll-suite workflows.

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