How HCM sales specialists became unsung heroes in 2020

In the face of significant challenges, people across multiple professions have taken a stand and given all they could to support communities impacted by the challenges brought about in 2020.

There is a unique professional that has stepped up to represent and support businesses large and small with Human Capital Management solutions, which is one of the most critical components within any healthy business. This professional is, of course, the HCM Sales Specialist.

Looking back across the past few months, there are a few key areas where the HCM Specialist has honed their focus to save some businesses from catastrophic failure, and have helped other businesses create solutions and strategies that will shelter them from future harm.

  • They have matched their solutions and strategy to dynamically adjust to the rapidly evolving market climate
  • They have brought a greater focus to building airtight solutions that don’t leave any payroll compliance gaps to contend with
  • They are empowering their clientele with the ability to make more data-drive decisions about their workforce in general so that their blind spots are covered

This is a volatile year that has brought about massive layoffs, worker turnover, and in an effort for some organizations to stabilize – a need for mass-hiring. These constant ebbs and flows necessitate an internal focus that makes it incredibly difficult for businesses to spend their time on successfully rebuilding. HCM Sales Specialists have stepped up to provide more sophisticated solutions that solve for the dynamic workforce management problem seen across nearly every industry.

Payroll compliance has always been a difficult challenge to address in the best of times. In times of friction, however, many compliance gaps that are overlooked or simply hard to address come to light. Many businesses are struggling to keep the health of their business up while also contending with an ever-increasing list of requirements. Thankfully, the HCM Sales Specialist has stepped up to build thoughtful and creative solutions that are nimble enough to adjust accordingly and address these requirements for years to come.

Many industries such as construction and manufacturing were severely affected by the events of this year, and many of these were also those that had very little data to help inform future workforce strategies that help mitigate risk and keep operations running smoothly. The HCM Sales Specialist has taken notice, and has joined forces with specialized integration partners to ensure businesses across these industries are well supported and well informed with available data. With this approach, challenged businesses are able to make the best possible decisions to support their workforce and ultimately their future health.

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