HCM TradeSeal

Reconstruct your complex pre-payroll processes and take the pain out of switching to a major HR and Payroll vendor

Introducing HCM TradeSeal

For trade contractors interested in utilizing a major HR and Payroll platform while maintaining compliance with Certified Payroll, Union Reporting, Job Costing and other specific requirements. With HCM TradeSeal, your transition to cloud payroll can be smooth, seamless and accurate.

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Why TradeSeal: For contractor organizations, Major HCM systems can be an obvious choice for modernization because they enable best-in-class HR compliance, tax management, check fulfillment and employee self service.

HCM TradeSeal Synchronizes trade rules and job data with cloud HCM technologies, for a truly seamless payroll and costing experience. For contractors who work with multiple trades, TradeSeal’s job integration technology is a must have.

How CIC can help

CIC specializes in HCM connections and data management. With our HCM TradeSeal service, we help contractors manage job and trade rules in a way that fully interfaces with modern HCM systems.

Time Import and Cost Entry

Connect with electronic time systems or key in days of the week based on your needs. TradeSeal comes standard with granular time import and cost entry features that allow fine editing of payroll costs before submission.

Rate Management

With TradeSeal, it’s easy to manage rates and benefits across different trades, crafts, apprentice levels, jobs or employees. Our technology interfaces with your cloud payroll system to calculate hourly rates, fringe benefits and deductions.

Report Generation

Using TradeSeal, your HCM system will be able to generate certified payroll reports including WH-347, NY Comptroller, NY/NJ Port Authority, NY Comptroller, CA A-1-141, CA DIR XML and other state-specific reports. TradeSeal can also automatically generate detailed union reports for laborer, steamfitter, pipefitter, plumber, electrician, mechanical, and any other trade locals.

Job Cost Integration

Modern HCM systems produce detailed data sets that can be fully integrated with construction ERP systems like Sage 300 and Viewpoint. Use TradeSeal to ensure full integration requirements are met, for an effortless job cost import experience. Export job cost detail from major HCM systems for compatibility with your construction accounting system of choice.