Valet Data Platform

Trusted for accuracy by compliance experts and major payroll vendors

The payroll accuracy cloud

Backed by a secure cloud ecosystem and informed by industrial labor compliance networks, Valet reduces employer risk exposure in three key areas of cloud payroll processing.

Valet Data Platform is designed to protect payroll data and reduce compliance risks. Payroll professionals can confidently cross-index thousands of unique workforce management data points to identify missing or inaccurate records before processing checks or generating reports.

Valet use cases

Historic data processing

Leverage Valet’s intelligent indexing to inspect or reconcile multiple thousands of timecard, payroll or costing records. Generate specific reports for past periods required by external agencies, or for internal use.

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Job cost automation

Eliminate manual entry and double-processing of job cost information after payroll is processed. Use Valet to import data to systems like Sage 300.

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Payroll automation

Never process inaccurate rates again. Create 1:1 alignment of workforce management and payroll data to fully automate compliance-based pay decisions.

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System integration

Enable automatic synchronization of critical data sets between HCM, ERP and POS systems. Protect your payroll from inaccuracy by verifying HRIS data transfers.

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Responsible for accurate payroll

It takes a dedicated team to manage changing requirements. Download a payroll-suite overview of Valet’s key areas of impact for payroll professionals, HR directors, company controllers and CFO stakeholders.