Companies with complex payroll requirements can remove the headache and risk from their standard workflow in as little as 6 weeks. Contact our team at Custom Interface Company to find out how to get started.



Endless amounts of knowledge and skill go into creating the structures that make up and define the world we live in. Digitally streamlining the process for payroll compliance gives business owners the opportunity to focus on what matters most.

Remove data entry errors, ensure employees with complex rates are paid correctly on time, and mitigate the risk of future audits from the Department of Labor by automating your payroll process through Valet Data Platform.


As the economy expands further outside of country lines and becomes less siloed overall, Manufacturing companies must respond in turn to rapid changes in local and global demand. With the right solution, massive shifts in workforce and payroll compliance guidelines won’t critically impact efficiency.

Getting the details right is critical for a business to maintain the highest possible uptime. Developing a Custom Interface can automatically harness all payroll data, apply complex rules and generate mission-critical reports. Valet Data Platform can insure a business against a full productivity stop by making Department of Labor audits a trivial process.


Countless millions rely on services and aid provided through various segments in the Public Sector, which places a heavy burden on those tasked with delivery. Accessing the right payroll data and putting it into action efficiently is paramount to ensuring millions of citizens and public servants interact with each other in harmony.

Custom Interface Company allows government organizations flexibility never before seen with their payroll workflow. Using Valet Data Platform, complex rates, common paymaster, and reporting that allows for zero margin of error are transformed from a cumbersome process into a fast and safe routine workflow.


In a world that’s constantly changing and introducing new challenges, healthcare workers are the constant that provide critical consistency in care. Remove friction from the payroll process and give healthcare professionals peace of mind with the wages and benefits they rely on.

With high turnover, multiple worker classifications, variable hours and high stakes, getting payroll done accurately is no easy task. Lightweight configuration of Valet Data Platform allows for seamless coverage on fluctuating compliance guidelines.

How well are your industrial systems communicating with HCM and payroll?

Measure the accuracy of your current systems with Valet’s labor analytics, tailored specifically to your industry and unique business needs.