Featured integration: how to integrate Netchex and Deputy

Netchex is a reliable HR and payroll platform – Deputy is a leading system for time & attendance, scheduling and shift management. It only makes sense these technologies would go hand-in-hand, and with the right integration the two systems can communicate seamlessly.

Netchex Does Everything… Where Does Deputy Come In?

If you are familiar with Netchex, you know that they also provide a time & attendance system. Netchex Time & Attendance is a powerful tool designed to meet basic workforce management requirements for most organizations.

If your organization has advanced requirements for scheduling, shift management or labor distribution, it may make sense to utilize Deputy for time & attendance and continue with Netchex for payroll and HR.

  • Employee Scheduling: Deputy offers shift swapping, schedule distribution, automated scheduling and mobile access.
  • Time Tracking: Deputy can handle FMLA tracking, overtime calculations, and calendar management.
  • Deputy also offers features for leave management, medical scheduling, nurse scheduling and workforce management.

What Integrations are Possible Between Deputy and Netchex?

Deputy and Netchex both feature open APIs that can be used to create meaningful integrations between the two systems. If your organization already has an IT team or internal development resources, refer to the Netchex API documentation, Deputy API documentation and also our growing list of popular HCM API endpoints.

  • Time Cards to Payroll: if your organization uses deputy for time and attendance, time cards can be imported into Netchex for payroll processing.
  • Employee Data Integration: most organizations use payroll as the system of record for new employees. In many cases, it is possible to automatically transfer employee data from Netchex into a system like Deputy.
  • Labor distribution and other data sets: If your organization needs to frequently update new pay codes and re-enter them in Time & Attendance, it can be useful to integrate labor distribution data via flat-file import or API, depending on your setup.

How Can my Organization Build API Connectors Between Netchex and Deputy?

If your team wants to build API connections internally, be sure to obtain API keys and authentication examples from both Netchex and Deputy. It will also be important to designate team members who will monitor and manage your integration going forward, in case of changes to either system or new functionality requirements determined by your HR and Payroll teams.

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