POS / HCM Integration

Point of Sale (POS) and Human Capital Management systems (HCM) go hand in hand. You need both in order to manage in-store experiences, and also to pay the valuable employees who manage those in-store experiences. In many cases, it is possible to connect POS and HCM systems so they can communicate seamlessly.

What are the Most Important Connections Between HCM and POS?

The most important connections between HCM and POS system tends to follow the most important functions of those systems: paying employees and streamlining their in-store workflows.

  • Payroll Connection: if POS and HCM/Payroll are connected, it is possible to pay employees in “one click” without importing or exporting files.
  • New Hire Connection: with HCM and POS integration, it’s possible to take new hires from one system and automatically add those employees into the other. A best practice is to first add the employee to the HCM system (so they have a Payroll ID), and then automatically add that employee to the POS system.

How do POS / HCM Integrations Work?

There are many different ways to set up “flat file” or manual integrations between HCM and POS systems, however these integrations usually require managers and HR professionals to download, copy/paste, or otherwise manipulate sensitive information. For many organizations, these types of integrations are becoming difficult to manage.

Most POS systems now offer a API endpoints that enable seamless, automatic integrations for employee data, payroll data, and other important data sets. This removes the need for managers and HR professionals to manually transfer files.

Are POS / HCM Integrations Included with Valet?

POS integrations for Employee Data, Payroll Data and other HCM data sets can be included in the basic plan for Valet Data Platform users. Advanced POS integrations are still available through Valet, but may require custom development on a case-by-case basis.

Valet Data Platform

Ensure payroll accuracy and simplify HCM workflows with Valet – connect your HCM system to external data sources to verify rates, streamline employee data and more.

  • Connect to external rate tables or applications
  • Validate time card or payroll data early in your process before inaccuracies stay in your system
  • Develop custom integrations or applications using Valet
  • Experience fantastic ongoing support

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