Interfaces and Applications

If your Payroll or HCM system is missing functionality, or needs to connect with other systems to achieve desired functionality, one thing will always be true: an application will need to be built. Not all applications are interfaces, but all interfaces are applications and that is the easiest way to approach them.

When Should I Build an Application, Instead of an Interface?

If you need to create new functionality or business-specific functionality that cannot be found in your HCM system, payroll system or other enterprise systems, consider building a simple application to achieve your goals. Applications are more complicated than interfaces, but can be necessary when you really need to achieve a specific outcome.

For example, suppose your business needs to automatically notify employees when they have left over PTO days you want them to use. You might want to create special rules around this type of notification, or even provide administrators with a user interface to confirm whether notification should be sent. Because there are specific rules your notifications need to follow, it might be better to build a simple application instead of simply interfacing between your HR system and a notification tool.

When Should I Build an Interface, Instead of an Application?

Interfaces are usually simpler than applications. If you need to move data from one part of your system into another system, consider building a simple interface that reads data, modifies the data, and then adds the data to the destination system. Because you are mainly moving data and implementing few or no business rules, you would consider this to be an interface rather than an application.

Are Applications and Interfaces Included With Valet?

Interfaces are part of Valet’s mission to help organizations improve payroll accuracy. Simple interfaces between one or two data sources can be included in the basic Valet Data Service plan. Advanced interfaces or custom applications are still available through Valet, but may require custom development on a case-by-case basis.

Valet Data Platform

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  • Develop custom integrations or applications using Valet
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