Employee Data Integration

Recruiting, applicant tracking, onboarding, LMS, payroll and HRIS systems speak similar languages – but not the same languages. Employee data integration allows all systems to communicate clearly. It can be challenging to move employee data securely from one system to another, and perhaps even more challenging to make sure all information has been transferred accurately between systems, but modern API integration tools can greatly simplify these processes.

Why Automate HR Data?

Even if your organization only has a few employees, it is important to consider the accuracy of employee records. In many cases, you will need to store entire records (or at least partial records) in multiple places – on a computer, in an HRIS or payroll system, and in other modules as well such as Time and attendance or a learning management system.

If you are transferring data manually, it’s easy to make mistakes – even when you spend extra time double checking records. If you are unlucky, mistakes can be costly such as mis-entering an employee social security number, or recording the wrong phone number or address in a sensitive employee record.

What HR Systems Support Employee Data Integration?

Using a modern cloud integration program such as Valet Data Platform, secure integration is possible with most major HR platforms. On-demand and fully automatic integrations are both possible because major HR and payroll vendors use cloud APIs to allow secure employee data transfer.

ADP Integration – Employee Data

ADP’s two main HR systems, ADP Vantage and ADP WorkForce Now, can both support automated integration with the right API-enabled integration platform solution. ADP representatives rely on Custom Interface Company (CIC) to connect with cloud HR systems using Valet as an integration program.

Paychex Integration – Employee Data

Paychex’s Flex People system is a powerful HR system of record. Paychex counts on CIC to automate employee data transfers between cloud systems and legacy systems, using the Paychex Flex API.

Paycor Integration – Employee Data

With Paycor, companies can achieve strong security and simplicity of workflow by using a connected cloud system for HR and payroll. In order to connect Paycor to an external system, CIC uses Valet Data Platform for flat file and API integration.

Paylocity Integration – Employee Data

Paylocity relies on integration technologies like Valet Data Platform to transfer employee data securely between their integrated system, and external systems containing HR data. Achieve reliable system automation to avoid duplicate-entry and streamline your user experience with Paylocity.

Ceridian Integration – Employee Data

Companies choose Ceridian Dayforce HR to streamline enterprise human resource processes. Ceridian relies on secure integration protocols to transfer employee data. With Valet Data Platform, Ceridian can be connected to external systems to achieve full HR data automation.

Ultimate Integration – Employee Data

Ultimate Human Resources features help businesses simplify human capital management and streamline connections between HR, Payroll, and Kronos time & attendance. Valet Data Platform has been designed to manage employee and HR data integrations with Ultimate, and can support multiple transfer protocols.

Can HR Data Flows Include Performance Metrics and Other Human Capital Management Information?

As HR and human capital management systems continue to evolve, more employee data points are available than ever before. The importance of integrating these data points accurately and automatically has increased with each evolution of HR thought leadership, as companies compete with one another to implement the best talent programs.

As long as your human capital management technology and related talent management systems store data in a similar way, it should be possible to automatically integrate between those modules. With integration, important performance and training metrics can move effortlessly and securely between different systems.

Can Valet Data Platform Support Employee Data Integrations?

API or SFTP HR data flows are part of Valet’s mission to help organizations improve accuracy for payroll and HR teams. Simple connections between two data sources are core Valet features. Advanced integrations are also available within Valet, and can be modified to include custom development on a case-by-case basis.

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Valet Data Platform

Ensure payroll accuracy and simplify HCM workflows with Valet – connect your HCM system to external data sources to verify rates, streamline employee data and more.

  • Connect to external rate tables or applications
  • Validate time card or payroll data early in your process before inaccuracies stay in your system
  • Develop custom integrations or applications using Valet
  • Experience fantastic ongoing support

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