Custom Notifications

There are many moments during HR, payroll or accounting processes when it would be extremely useful to be notified when certain events happen, Or when certain conditions are true. For example, your team may want to be notified when more than 20% of employees are scheduled to work on a holiday.

Why are Custom Notifications Important?

When time is of the essence, notifications can be a “game changer.” A well-designed notification program can mean the difference between your team staying on top of an important compliance event, or falling behind and missing a deadline.

Use custom notification programs to create important, easily recognizable notifications that stand out from the usual stream of emails and office reminders.

What Kinds of Notifications Can my Team Receive From a Custom Notification Program?

Custom notification programs can be designed to use a variety of digital notification techniques. If the notification is particularly important to your team, you will want to choose a type of notification that you don’t use for other events (ex. email.)

  • Text message: Custom notifications can send text messages directly to key team members.
  • Email: email notifications can be designed to stand out. For example, you can include custom words in the subject line to remind your team that notifications are important.
  • Mobile or push notifications: if your team uses mobile applications like Slack or Microsoft Teams, it can be helpful to send notifications through those channels instead of adding to your volume of emails and texts.

Are Custom Notifications Included with Valet?

Simple notifications can use as few as two data sources can be included in the basic Valet Data Service plan. Advanced notification programs requiring text or push notifications are still available through Valet, but may require custom development on a case-by-case basis.

Valet Data Platform

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  • Connect to external rate tables or applications
  • Validate time card or payroll data early in your process before inaccuracies stay in your system
  • Develop custom integrations or applications using Valet
  • Experience fantastic ongoing support

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