Bank and ACH Integration

By integrating with banking technologies like ACH, your enterprise system can be extended with powerful functionality such as the ability to read transactions, accept electronic funds, or pay contractors via direct deposit. Bank and ACH integrations are becoming a “must have” for organizations that want to automate and secure transactions.

How Can My Enterprise Systems Integrate With Bank Technologies?

Your enterprise HCM, ERP or CRM systems might not want to show bank transactions to every user, but being able to read bank transaction information and facilitate electronic transfers could enhance and extend the capabilities of your current tools. Knowing about transactions could increase the accuracy of business intelligence reporting. Sending or accepting payments could make it easier to close deals or pay employees.

As bank platforms continue to modernize, it has become easier to digest important financial information at the account level or the transaction level.

How do Bank Platform Integrations work?

In order to successfully connect your enterprise system to a bank platform, or multiple bank platforms, it will usually be necessary to create an interface or application that can understand both systems. Bank platforms are becoming easier to understand, but still do not speak the same “language” as enterprise systems used for Human Capital Management, Payroll, Inventory Management or Order Processing.

How Does Valet Data Platform Work With Bank Platforms?

Valet Data Platform Interfaces with powerful API endpoints made available by banking institutions and financial industry platforms. By connecting to both bank platforms and enterprise systems, Valet can be used to create meaningful integrations and secure workflows.

Are Banking Platform or ACH Integrations Included with Valet?

Bank platform integrations can be included in the basic plan for Valet Data Platform users. Integrations requiring multiple types of information (account, transaction, authentication) may require a different Valet plan. Advanced bank or ACH integrations are available through Valet, but can require custom development on a case-by-case basis.

Valet Data Platform

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  • Develop custom integrations or applications using Valet
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