API Wrappers

If your company already has an API developer who can help with payroll and HCM API development, you should be able to accomplish a lot of integrations without any extra help. However, some APIs are easier to handle than others. Even experienced developers can struggle when APIs are missing documentation, or when several APIs must be used to access one type of data.

What is an “API Wrapper?”

An API wrapper acts as an intermediary between any data source (even a data source that is not an API) and another program trying to read that data source (for example, a program written by your internal development team.)

Behind the scenes, the API wrapper may be performing several functions to retrieve data, some of which could be difficult to program or require advanced knowledge of the source system – but on the outside, developers using the API wrapper will see a simple and elegant and point where they can easily access all the data they need.

Are API Wrappers Secure?

API wrappers can be used to enhance security in many cases. In “wrapping” a data source, there is an opportunity to allow only certain IP addresses or authenticated programs to access the wrapper, and potentially the wrapper could be the only program allowed to communicate with the source API (and so, the source API would be as secure as possible, because only the API wrapping program would be able to access it.)

API wrappers can also enhance security by simplifying and reducing the amount of requests needed to complete a certain task, and generally fewer requests means it will be easier to secure each data flow.

How Will my IT Team Communicate with an API Wrapper?

Without an API wrapper, your IT team will need to spend many hours reading API documentation and (unfortunately) communicating with vendor companies to try and understand difficult aspects of a source system API. This is especially common with HCM and Payroll APIs because the systems they protect are sensitive in nature.

By using a simplified API wrapper, your team will be able to write simplified requests and work with data, instead of navigating complex documentation. This will save them time and also make it easier for them to focus on the core capabilities of the applications they are developing.

Are API Wrappers Included with Valet?

API wrappers are available through Valet, but may require custom development on a case-by-case basis. In some cases it is possible to connect API wrappers to two or fewer data sources, but it is common for them to require three or more data sources.

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