API Integration

Nearly all major payroll systems feature open (or at least openly documented) APIs that can be utilized by external programs to read or write important data. User experience, security and accuracy are all benefits of API integration.

Why are API Integrations Popular?

When systems are connected by API, it usually enhances the end-user experience and results in fewer clicks, fewer uploads, fewer downloads and lower risk of error. Administrative end-users prefer APIs because it saves them time and improves the quality of their tasks, and business management stakeholders invest in API development because of its potential to streamline operations and protect important data sources.

Without API integration, systems must be connected with manual file uploads, or challenging “handshake” protocols that usually require maintenance from IT teams or software development teams.

How do API Integrations Usually Work?

Most API integrations involve a source system and a destination system. Sometimes it can be useful to create a two-way data flow between both systems, but typically one system is regarded as the “source.”

API integrations can be configured to run when a certain event happens (for example, after an employee punches out,) on demand (for example, when an administrative end user presses a button,) or on a scheduled basis. The capabilities of any particular API integration will depend on the “endpoints” available to developers or integration tools such as Postman.

Are API Integrations Included with Valet?

API integrations are part of Valet’s mission to help organizations improve payroll accuracy. Simple API integrations to one or two data sources can be included in the basic Valet Data Service plan. Advanced API integrations are still available through Valet and HCM TradeSeal, but may require custom development on a case-by-case basis.

Valet Data Platform

Ensure payroll accuracy and simplify HCM workflows with Valet – connect your HCM system to external data sources to verify rates, streamline employee data and more.

  • Connect to external rate tables or applications
  • Validate time card or payroll data early in your process before inaccuracies stay in your system
  • Develop custom integrations or applications using Valet
  • Experience fantastic ongoing support

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