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Payroll processing features

Payroll data testing

Process current-period data and identify inaccuracies before they impact checks

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Employee data integration

Synchronize HRIS data across different vendors, modules and systems

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Certified payroll automation

Eliminate risks associated with administration of DBRA projects

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Reporting and analysis

Generate current or historic reports for industry compliance, costing and more

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Core platform

Data integration features

POS / HCM Integration

Point of Sale (POS) and Human Capital Management systems (HCM) go hand in hand. You need both in order to manage in-store experiences, and also to pay the valuable employees who manage those in-store experiences. In many cases, it is possible to connect POS and HCM systems so they can communicate seamlessly. What are the…

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Interfaces and Applications

If your Payroll or HCM system is missing functionality, or needs to connect with other systems to achieve desired functionality, one thing will always be true: an application will need to be built. Not all applications are interfaces, but all interfaces are applications and that is the easiest way to approach them. When Should I…

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API Wrappers

If your company already has an API developer who can help with payroll and HCM API development, you should be able to accomplish a lot of integrations without any extra help. However, some APIs are easier to handle than others. Even experienced developers can struggle when APIs are missing documentation, or when several APIs must…

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Flat File Integration

Even in a modern world where API integration and SFTP integration are possible with most systems, it can be advantageous to create “flat file” integrations that give end-users more control. The main difference between flat file integration and other modern methods is that flat file requires end users to download or upload CSV, XML or…

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180° and 360° Integration

180° or 360° integrations connect payroll data to benefit provider systems. 180° connections send employee plan contribution data to benefit providers or record-keeping systems – these integrations are “one-way” only. 360° integrations are two-way, and send employee elections back to the payroll system. Why do 180° Integrations Matter? 180° integrations tell benefit providers how much…

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Job Cost Integration for HCM

Job cost integration ensures that payroll data from human capital management (HCM) systems are accurate and ready to import into modern construction ERP and GL systems like Sage 300. HCM TradeSeal formats costing data pre and post-payroll so it can achieve full compatibility with any construction GL. Why is TradeSeal Recommended for HCM Job Cost…

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