Deltek Connector - Interface With Deltek SystemDeltek Connector - Interface With Deltek System

Deltek Connector for HCM Systems


Connect Deltek to your payroll system to manage pre-payroll calculations. Ensure a seamless connection without relying on spreadsheets, macros or copy/paste. The Valet Your HCM System Connector for Deltek is an ideal choice for enterprises that want to utilize accurate time tracking in Deltek while also utilizing the compliance benefits of a major HR and payroll system.

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This solution uses Valet Data Platform to transfer data securely between systems.

Speak with an Interface Consultant to understand how this solution connects to your preferred system.

Functional Overview - Deltek Connector for HCM Systems

This Valet solution connects data between Deltek and your preferred system. End users access the connector by logging into Valet Data Platform. Valet processes, formats and transforms Deltek data for compatibility with your preferred system.
ImportEnd user initiates secure data read from source system.
Data ProcessingInterface program processes and formats data to meet destination system requirements.
ExportInterface program generates data for export.

Included in Purchase

An interface program will be provisioned and configured to connect your systems.
  • Interface Setup: based on sample data you provide using the CIC new client process, your solution will go through a thorough setup process to ensure proper configuration of all base functionality.
  • Managed Services: your program will be developed, hosted and maintained using Valet Data Platform secure cloud integration technology - trusted by major HCM vendors. Managed services include software configuration and development to achieve design plan objectives, functional testing, secure cloud hosting and integration management, solution uptime monitoring, error logging and reporting, email and phone support according to your plan's Service Level Agreement (SLA.)

Setup Process Overview

CIC's thorough setup process ensures your solution will be fully configured to meet your business' specific needs. Setup timelines depend on promptly obtaining access to Deltek and your preferred system as needed to complete your solution.
CIC solution setup phase15 business days
Build, training and testing phase15-30 business days depending on testing requirements. Simple solution tests can be completed within 1-2 weeks, detailed or extented tests can take longer.